What to do if you are 'counter offered'

At the point of resignation your employer may decide to offer you a more attractive salary and benefits package in order to try and keep you. This is known as a “counter offer”.

Counter offers are more common than you might think especially in niche market sectors like pharmacy, radiography, nursing and biomedical science. Good quality people can be an expensive to recruit and hard to find and so you may end up in a position where your employer thinks it will be cheaper and less hastle to convince you to stay.

If your employer tries to persuade you to stay by offering you a pay rise equal to, or above your new job offer you must ask yourself why it took the threat of leaving to bring it about.

An offer of more money can easily make you forget the reasons you wanted to leave in the first place.

Take time to think the situation through carefully before responding to a counter offer. Speak with your friends and family who may offer a more objective viewpoint.

Once you have made a decision, stick to it and handle the situation in a professional and courteous way for the benefit of all parties concerned.

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