How to make a good impression

The first day of a new job can be a daunting experience at any level. First impressions count. It is important to make the right impression. You may well be working with your new colleagues for a long time and how you come across in the first days and weeks can have an impact on how you will be perceived in the future. To make the best possible start in your new job, it pays to follow these guidelines:

Show initiative and enthusiasm.

Learn the job and the processes that are in place before you start trying to change them.

Stay away from office politics.

Don’t make personal phone calls in the workplace.

Don’t leave on the dot, come back late from your lunch breaks or start booking holidays straight away.

Think of questions to ask people and start conversations yourself. Don't sit in complete silence.

Do as much research as you can on the company and their product before you start.

Take notes. Ask questions when you don’t understand (you are not expected to understand everything).

Make sure you are well presented and that your body language indicates enthusiasm and willingness to work.

Try to remember people’s names. It makes your life easier.

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